Universal Balance

Our Work Culture

Universal Balance believes in a healthy work-life balance. We want our employees to love where they work. We are an equal opportunity employer and hire candidates irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or ethnicity.

Why Choose Us

We believe in giving back to the environment with our sustainable clothing line that’s primarily spun domestically, and our accessories are environmentally friendly. Many of our products utilize union labor and are WBE certified.

Our Business Values

A healthy portion of our profits is donated to people with open wounds, such as PTSD. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Universal Balance

Universal Balance is a brand of active-wear and accessories that promote the progress of all sports and forms. New research in sports psychology is emerging revealing specific personality traits of individuals who thrive in high-action, high-stakes, full-contact sports and forms as well as specific personalities who benefit from low or no-impact sports, forms and activities. In-fact many athletes and participants in high-action sports and forms are now incorporating mindfulness, breathing and meditation into their routine to achieve a competitive edge.

We believe that both pursuits are a venue for structured life enhancing experiences, opportunities for growth, character and team building. Evidence in what creates or contributes to a peak performance on or off the field is emerging yet incomplete making is wise to train both mind-body together.

A phenomenon that transcends the concept of time rendering an athlete, artist or individual fully-immersed in the present moment, functioning-automatically called “flow-state” or “the zone” and what it takes to achieve this is of interest to us. We believe that training for peak performance and recalibrating our balance is of value on the field, in the ring, in the classroom, on stage, in the boardroom, in-nature and in everyday life.

Our vision/philosophy is that part of one’s spirit suffers when denied the opportunity to do what we love. We believe in life that every individual should have the courage to take their shot, experience the forging process of repeated failure and redemption as a key to success and the bliss of being completely emerged in the present moment “the zone.”

We believe in a healthy balance of consumption and sustainability as well as import/export. To do what we love we must consume and while we consume we have a responsibility to counterbalance our action. Our clothing is made domestically in the United States, is organic and moisture wicking. Our accessory is made internationally, customized designed and wholesaled in the U.S and promotes sustaining the resource of water in an ergonomic stainless steel, refillable water-bottle with a comfortable plastic mouth piece.

Our line currently includes Hats-Caps, T-shirts, Polo’s, Hooded Sweatshirts and a refillable on the-go water-container. We are a business who believes in connecting with and giving back to a worthy cause. Please click on our link to learn how we contribute to society. Included in Universal Balance’s Statement of purpose and intent is our “Ethos” our ethics. Our Logo has been in development for over a decade and remains undefined. We continue to be inspired by this logo and the people that we have shown the image to have given positive feedback.

We have been inspired and influence by many lines of active-wear throughout our journey. So much so that we made the choice to create one. If you feel inspired by our vision/philosophy and our logo stimulates the motivation to Go!

We invite you join us in The Universal Balance line of active-wear.